Sunday, July 08, 2012

we like to judge, don't we?

when celebrities say they will never get a boob job, only to get one a year after they're famous. when tech leaders say they will not copy someone else, or ask each other not to be evil. we like to point at a person and her broken vow, and exclaim at how weak she is, how she isn't worthy.

it's easy from where we stand, from where we are, from the comfort of our ipads, swiping through historical records and quotes and pointing out contradictions. it's easy to be indignant, to claim that we'd never do that if it were us!

from our static lives, someone changing is unthinkable. during the ten minutes it takes us to read an article, it's hard to imagine that a month or a year or a decade had passed. it's easy to snort at the passage of time, events, cuts, scars, misery, happiness and all that makes a person. it's easy to forget all that. easy to brush away the details.

easy to forget that the person who proclaimed the statement 10 years ago is not the same person rejecting it now.