Wednesday, March 19, 2008

easy diet

americans are fat lazy bastards.

if you're american and take offense, sorry, but it's true.

the signs of this laziness are evident in their falling back in almost any leadership position of the world - r&d, universities, jobs, technology, economy. they're sinking and sinking fast (dang it they were on the top for less than a century!) but that doesn't matter. it's a tough task to find engineers, scientists and doctors in america now (except if you count all the ones who've been there for less than a decade who at one point were chinese or indian). so they (americans) are content to work in business, marketing and other bullshit positions and leave the real jobs of innovation to other nations. lazy. and fat.

it's a fact that they're the fattest nation on earth. but what are they doing about it? they're looking for easy diets, where one doesn't feel hungry, or eats as much as one pleases, or takes pills. wtf is wrong with them? you've been over-eating for twenty years, BE HUNGRY FOR A YEAR YOU GLUTTONOUS BASTARD. i know it sounds scary and lonely, being hungry, but it happens all over the world all the time, and people actually feel better after it. so tough it up you sorry, lazy bastard.

and why do i feel the need to call americans bastards? well, this is the internet and i can say whatever i want, but the fact that they bully their way into whatever they want makes them bastards in my book.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

speech and intelligence

why is it that the more people talk, the less intelligent they seem? or perhaps i have the cause and effect reversed here: why are less intelligent people prone to hours of meaningless rambling? it is my misfortune that i have to work with people who like to talk. blah blah yada yada. and it's all useless, usually consisting of a summary of previous achievements and glories. i mean, i really don't give a fuck if you were julius ceasar one day - i find nothing interesting or impressive about you. in fact, i'm here against my wishes. and the cherry on top? "why are you so quiet? everything ok?" no it's not, i'm suffering. if you'd just shut your yap and turn up the music and let me sulk in peace. if you're the talkative type it's ok, just stay away from me.