Sunday, December 13, 2009

americans - again

i just have one question to americans out there: why is the country obsessed with the sex habits of a guy who's very good at putting balls into holes? it's not like they have a crippling debt, crumbling health-care infrastructure and two losing wars to worry about

technology assholes

sorted from most annoying to slightly less annoying:

1. bluetooth headset users (these must burn in hell, from keifer sutherland to the team from stargate)
2. iphone users (it's hard to generalize here, but i generally hate these people more than bb users)
3. bb users (two things about them: a. get off the fucking email, the world will not crash and b. stop with the fucking click scroll ball it's noisy as hell)
4. demolition man or space invasion headphone users (look at me, i can't live without my precious music blasting in 240GHz high def fidelity asshole, you should be #1 on the list but thankfully you're a rare breed)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

nice, big sneeze

i want to hook up with a girl who sneezes.

i'm not talking about a girl who sniffles a half-assed parody of a sneeze, for whom i fear her eyes would pop or her brain would shoot out of her ears, who emits a small sound between a pop and hiss. i want a girl who takes in a deep breath, closes her eyes and lets the sneeze rip - a sneeze so strong her ears would ring and a spray of spittle would cover half the distance to her nearest neighbor. a girl who would then wipe the snot dribbling from her nose and laugh it off.

i want a girl who fucking sneezes.

but, but, but

yes they're building a new airport in amman. of course big projects like that influence things around them. so for example they've actually renovated the toilets in the old airport. yes it's still dirty and shabby, but the toilets are clean and modern. all bright whites, clean lines, nice faucets.

except, of course, you can take the man out of a dirty airport, but not the dirty airport out of the man.

i walked into the toilet to pee the other day i was there, and when i turned to wash my hands, a refreshing reminder awaited me. apparently they've shut down the kitchenette or something, so the (possibly) coffee boy was washing cups and mugs in the toilet sinks. not rinsing a cup or something - he had a tray full of glassware being washed in the sinks.