Tuesday, October 07, 2008

dirty escalators

i love my country.

ok it's like how you love your parents, you probably wouldn't love them if you've met them as strangers but you've known them your entire life and they have fed you you clothed you and wiped your ass when you crapped yourself.

so i love my country.

that said, i find faults in my parents.

and i find them in my country. alas they are numerous. further alas, they near cause me ulcers sometimes. the latest is the project to expand the existing airport or build a new one or some meaningless shit about wasting a ton of money on a totally useless venture. it's not like the airport is overflowing with passengers (although looking at the chaos of handling the whole of FOUR concurrent flights you would think ten thousand people were trying to pass through the security points). but no, some idiot decided that a new airport is needed (probably for some reason such as prettying the country or making it more attractive for investments or something - hell even the road to the existing airport is one of the nicest in the country).

of course building the new airport is like giving a spoiled kid a brand new toy. it's a matter of time before he breaks it or grows bored with it. in the case of my dear beloved country it'll be the earlier causing the latter. not that the country will get bored with the airport per se, buy it will be shiny for a year or two before it starts to fall into disrepair. it'll start with subtle signs here and there: a cracked tile here, a broken sign there, a faulty light in a corner, and all of a sudden the new airport is a shabby shell of its former self. which brings me to my point:

don't build a new airport. in fact, stop building new things at all. you're the government - the problem with our country is not the lack of buildings, but it's that everything governmental just falls into fucking disrepair. i remember expansions in my university campus. what i also remember was a ton of empty rooms that weren't used because they were a fucking mess. the same goes to new roads and bridges, new development initiatives, new whatever - the government has a hard time keeping things up.

so the problem is not that the airport can't handle enough people, it's that it has dirty escalators (see picture above).

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Anonymous said...

the "idiot" spearheading it is the same one who designed your house darling