Sunday, April 29, 2007

just for its own sake part deux

salsa is another thing people do just for its own sake. there's a very important difference, though: instead of a horse between your legs, you get girl.

i mean there was this ugly motherfucker who wouldn't normally get the nerve to even talk to a girl prettier than he (and that's almost all girls out there), and he was dancing with this girl who looked like a character our of baywatch (and dressed to match the role, too). his hands were all over her, hugging and stuff. if you're a guy and you're straight, you would wholeheartedly agree with this: the only reason guys take on salsa is the hot girls.

Monday, April 23, 2007

just for its own sake

riding horses.

this is one activity that people learn just for its own sake. in fact, riding horses is one of the things that exist just for their own sake. i'm not talking about professional riders or racers or even cowboys and ranchers, i'm talking about people who go once a week to ride horses. they exist, i swear. i mean i understand millionaires who own their own stables and breed horses, or ones that deal in them or some other wealthy hobby like that, but those poor soles who take their poorer kids out to ride horses.


you are wasting your money and your children's time. they will never need that skill, unless you or they turn out to be extremely wealthy, but the way you're treating them that's not gonna happen. or they decide to become riot police. or the oil suddenly runs out and we can't use cars any more. they're all unlikely scenarios. leave your children be. let them do useful things, like driving, playing video games, playing real sports, hell even lounging on a couch watching tv, maybe they'll learn a thing or two. real things.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

video @ the onion

Breaking News: Something Happening In Haiti

how to write a cover letter

some idiot thought that by sending out random emails (with his cv and a cover letter) to business contacts he can get a job. below is the letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Ahmad Tawalbeh.I am a mechanical engineering student at Mo`ta University. Never the less I have postponed studying this semester due to personal circumstances. I am seeking a job.I`m a hard worker and ambition. I have good English, I also have good people skills and have experience in teaching. And am welling to work under pressure.

Attached is my C.V.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Sincerely yours,

Ahmad Tawalbeh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

things you'll never see

a cool cricket player
a poor golfer
a modest surgeon
a steady-headed indian
an american who looks good with a mustache

Thursday, April 12, 2007

people in death

why is it that we wait for someone to die to realize what a great person he is?

"this occasion is too sad to let pass without comment, so i would like to share a few words about sameer. sameer was a great person who brought smiles to everyone around him. he was always the life of the party, the spirit of a team, the shoulder to lean on. he was brave, strong, could move mountains. literally. i saw him shove a mountain because he didn't want to walk around. his social life was never impacted by his ability to fly, as he always hung out with his friends after performing rescues impossible were it not for his ability. in fact, more than once he helped my find my keys using his x-ray vision. sameer, you will be missed"

Sunday, April 08, 2007


ever notice the "graffiti" in amman?

the top graffiti sprayings in amman are, in ascending order, as follows:

3. usually on an wall or something near an empty lot of land

alardh lilbay3, min almalik mubashara, mobile 079 xxx xxxx

2. in front of garages, especially in areas where there are mosques, restaurants, etc

arraja2 3adam alwuqouf huna, madkhal garage

1. all over the country, the reason of its popularity still eludes me. i mean, how many farms are out there? and why are none of them fenced?

ltashyeek mazari3akum followed by a mobile number


advice is a myth.

i'm pretty sure i read (or heard) this somewhere, but people don't
really ask for advice, they just want confirmation from other people
for the decisions they make. i am currently wrecking my brain for a
single time when i've given advice that was contrary to the person's
leaning and was followed. it doesn't happen. people will argue, will
explain, will try to win your approval (or at least sympathy) but will
not take your advice. unless, of course, it's what they've already
decided. you can see them messing up, the end result is right there in
front of you, but no, they have to try their way and fail.

if you're reading this and want to ask me for advice, think twice if
you're just looking for comfort. first, i'm brutally honest so i'll
say it as it is, and second, take my advice. trust me on this, i'm
right and you're wrong.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

culture is important

a few years ago, i had the displeasure of taking part in a tv program that "interviews" students who were actively using theater for education. apparently, the bitch host moderating the program just needed someone to pat her on the back because of all people she realized that theater is the source of all the progress of the human race. in fact, how dare i disagree with her and mildly state that theater, in fact all culture, is a product of progress, not the other way around. there was someone else in the "interview" with me, and she was more inclined to agree with the bitch host, but still, the episode never aired.

that was years ago, while i was still at school. it just hit me the other evening while i was driving through shari3 ithaqafeh (culture street) in shmeisani. the street is physically beautiful, but like all things in our backwards culture, it is so forced it makes absolutely no sense. see the concept of culture, as sometimes defined, is the intellectual product of a civilization. so logically, a culture street should be the spontaneous expression of emotions, feelings, art, or any other intellectual content of a culture, which happens in a place where those "expressors" gather, which the government then tries to preserve and encourage (like graffiti in the us and some european countries) through labeling that place as "cultural". but not in our sorry societies. i hear of things such as the royal film commission, or other sorry excuses of creating cultural aspects for our society, when the reality is nothing like that.

very simply, culture is spontaneous, it is not something the government can decide to create. it can create schools, theaters, spend ridiculous amounts of money and label streets as cultural, but it can not force culture upon the society.

i mean, shari3 ithawafeh speaks for itself.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

people are assholes

up until about 3 months ago, i lived with the assumption that i'll eventually work with people i respect and like.

but people are assholes.

this great cultural phenomenon called work forces one to do many things one may see as less than savory (waking up early, going to meetings, stressing, etc), but it also forces one to deal with a wide array of people. but the more people one meets during work, the more apparent it becomes that people are assholes. i mean, out of every 20 i meet, i think 1 or 2 are tolerable, and 1 out of every 20 of those i'll take the liberty of calling a friend. i mean even the "brightest", "smartest" and "nicest" of people are incompetent assholes who really don't deserve any consideration of entering into the realm of humanity.

Monday, April 02, 2007


if you ever wonder why it's impossible to peacefully go through airport security, check the below. it really is confusing.