Monday, April 23, 2007

just for its own sake

riding horses.

this is one activity that people learn just for its own sake. in fact, riding horses is one of the things that exist just for their own sake. i'm not talking about professional riders or racers or even cowboys and ranchers, i'm talking about people who go once a week to ride horses. they exist, i swear. i mean i understand millionaires who own their own stables and breed horses, or ones that deal in them or some other wealthy hobby like that, but those poor soles who take their poorer kids out to ride horses.


you are wasting your money and your children's time. they will never need that skill, unless you or they turn out to be extremely wealthy, but the way you're treating them that's not gonna happen. or they decide to become riot police. or the oil suddenly runs out and we can't use cars any more. they're all unlikely scenarios. leave your children be. let them do useful things, like driving, playing video games, playing real sports, hell even lounging on a couch watching tv, maybe they'll learn a thing or two. real things.

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