Sunday, April 08, 2007


advice is a myth.

i'm pretty sure i read (or heard) this somewhere, but people don't
really ask for advice, they just want confirmation from other people
for the decisions they make. i am currently wrecking my brain for a
single time when i've given advice that was contrary to the person's
leaning and was followed. it doesn't happen. people will argue, will
explain, will try to win your approval (or at least sympathy) but will
not take your advice. unless, of course, it's what they've already
decided. you can see them messing up, the end result is right there in
front of you, but no, they have to try their way and fail.

if you're reading this and want to ask me for advice, think twice if
you're just looking for comfort. first, i'm brutally honest so i'll
say it as it is, and second, take my advice. trust me on this, i'm
right and you're wrong.

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