Sunday, April 29, 2007

just for its own sake part deux

salsa is another thing people do just for its own sake. there's a very important difference, though: instead of a horse between your legs, you get girl.

i mean there was this ugly motherfucker who wouldn't normally get the nerve to even talk to a girl prettier than he (and that's almost all girls out there), and he was dancing with this girl who looked like a character our of baywatch (and dressed to match the role, too). his hands were all over her, hugging and stuff. if you're a guy and you're straight, you would wholeheartedly agree with this: the only reason guys take on salsa is the hot girls.

1 comment:

Adham said...

Sam, it's always about the hot girl. At least it's more often than one would think or expect. And not only with Salsa (which I do quite ok ;) )