Tuesday, May 01, 2007

fing fakes

so some "fancy" restaurants serve evian as their default water option (of course, places that just assume you want water think they're fancy to start with). being sensible enough as not to pay 6 dollars for a bottle of water, i always ask it to be replaced with normal water. i was at one of these arrogant places which exclusively serve evian (the place is in the food court of a fucking mall, how fancy can it be?), so they brought the water and i stared at it, silently judging the place. but hey, the group i was with wanted to eat there so there we were.

when the water was served two of the group asked the waiter if they had other types of water, and he was no, only evian. i was pleaseantly surprised, seeing that were some sensible people left in the world. my joy, however, was short-lived, as when the waiter left one of those who objected stated i don't like evian because i feel it's really heavy. i blinked, but as i was reeling from the first shock of vanity, i was quickly knocked again with oh, my problem with evian is that it doesn't quench my thirst. i was dumb struck.

it's fucking water, you fake idiots. you can't tell the difference. it's water and it quenches your thirst and it's just ridiculously expensive. you're not water connoisseurs, you just think you know what water tastes like.

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Adham said...

Haha... That was really funny man... you're absolutely right...