Thursday, May 17, 2007

can they be any cheaper?

dubai is practically exploding growth-wise. there is construction everywhere, it's noisy, it's dusty, the roads change every other day and people get lost trying to get around the detours.

at these increasingly annoying road construction sites, there are usually warning signs, with big, yellow flashy lights that form arrows that point you either left or right. but why pay for those when you have cheap, dispensable labor? in almost every road construction site i've been through in dubai, there is an indian standing there waving a red flag. i mean the guys stands in dubai's pleasant weather for a full day and waves a red flag. i've also seen some indians wiping the dust off plastic barriers that keep cars outside the construction site. i mean by the time he got to the last barrier, the first one will need to by wiped again. so there was a barrier wiper guy. flag waver and barrier wiper.

how cheap are these guys? cheaper than a sign?

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