Sunday, July 09, 2006

shooting maniac

i was listening to the radio the other day. there is a shooting club in jordan, called "action target" and as they're riding the world cup wave like everyone else, they were advertising for people to come over to watch games there (yes, watching the games at a shooting range sounds supehb!, kinda like having Ramadan nights at the waterwaves place, whatever its name is). however, they didn't use a sensible slogan like "10 huge screens" or "32 teams competing (really, i thought there were 19 teams!)". no, to stand out, their tag line for the ad was "are you a shooting maniac?"

my question is: is this the best way to pose that question? would i, as a shooting maniac, advertise that i am one on radio? i don't know about you, but a shooting maniac brings to mind pictures of school shootings, wedding disasters and other contexts where being a shooting maniac leads to your arrest.

so no, i'm not a shooting maniac. i wonder if they were able to get any shooting maniacs to come to the place.


Maha Azmy said...

You know, this blog reminded me of "markaz el saratan lel modakhen" and "markaz el moz3ej lel ma7moul" no kiddin!!!

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