Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dentists don't know jack

and not because they drill holes into our teeth and cause us pain. i mean they reduce the pain when it's severe, but otherwise, they're just a sorry lot. i've had the misfortune of using several dentists, because the first one just couldn't solve my problem. neither could the second one, but i remember him pointing out all the wrong things the first one did. of course i lived in recurring molar pain and decided to visit another dentist a year later. shockingly, he said that the work that was done was not good, and redid it. he also proclaimed my dental hygiene to be one paralleled only by gods of dentistry themselves. drill drill fill fill polish polish and i was on my way. the molar filling was too high so i promptly (the next day) visited another dentist to get it fixed (it hurt like hell). again, i listened with complete rapture as she explained how whoever fixed my molar missed a cavity (see that dark one, that one needs fixing) and how my gums were inflamed and needed a clean up. i was devastated - i had such high opinion of my oral hygiene.

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Anonymous said...

being a dentist i don't know what is that big problem ur stupid tooth had that no one knew how to fix it !!!!!!!!

we work on ur stupid teeth and reduce ur pain when idiots like u don't listen when we tell them to take care of their teeth well and eat less sweet as much as they can!!

i'm not trying to say that all dentists are good, as in any other specilaty, but u have to pick one and stick to him or her.

i still beleive u r sick, and u think every body know nothing. damn u