Monday, July 14, 2008

why public transportation is needed in dubai - hollywood style

1. metros, especially ones that run late into the night, are needed to perform public-scale pranks, fast criminal chases and intimate one-on-one conversations between prospective couples

2. more taxis are needed so that when we're following someone on foot and he takes his car, we can jump into the next available taxi and casually say "follow that car"

3. we need more buses because you don't see enough high speed chases involving buses down szr

4. we need more train stations - preferably deserted out of the way ones - to perform shady exchanges involving cash (preferably in small, used bills) of questionable origin

5. we need more quiet taxi drivers who utter the occasional sentence that will crack a police case wide open, solve deeply rooted father issues and inspire lovers to make their moves

6. we need more flights so that we can "hop on the first plane to la"

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