Monday, May 17, 2010

the shunned monkey

i lack certain human skills that seem to come to most people naturally. for example:

1. talking: in general, people just can't shut their mouths. on the plane, while in a queue, in all sorts of places where silence is golden. leave me alone.
2. small talk: an anxiety-inducing activity where a group of strangers or acquaintances engage in casual, superficial conversation about topics they wouldn't otherwise approach. apparently talking is so compelling a drive that even bullshit is accepted.
3. subtlety and flattery: have you gained weight? where did you get this crappy pair of shoes? your session needs work. these are all examples of how i speak, but not what people want. see people want honesty but to a limit; they don't want to leave their fluffy, delusional existences and face reality
4. sarcasm (or more specifically, lack thereof). people don't like it. worse even, most don't even get it. closely related to it: people hate wise asses as well.

what i mean to say is this: had humans been a family of monkeys i would be shunned because i don't "fit". i'd be left ro fend for myself and cry in a corner somewhere.

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