Monday, July 12, 2010

the cash cows

meet swipely.

a friend generously directed me to this link, demanding i blog it, banging the metaphoric table top, yelling about how idiotic it is.

i would ask her to calm down, and give people some slack. see although i would agree with her that it's idiotic in a sense, it's pure genius in another. maybe late, but genius. i am fortunate enough to have the advantage of working in the it industry and i know how people think that social networks in any form are christ reborn. i mean, who would've thought that a platform that allows you to broadcast what you had for breakfast or what you think about the news would prove to be such a force? or how about facebook? that same friend who recommended this adamantly refused to join facebook finally relented, despite the social overflow she suffers from it.

so from a startup/vc perspective, the idea sounds like pure gold. i mean, look at me omg i just bought a purse, ooooooo my friend's purse is so nice i need to buy one, blah blah. even some men will wet their pants about this. of course it's seriously late: there's foursquare, chattertree, facebook's website updates,, rdio, the list is infinite really for social networks, but hey, why the fuck not.

but it's really idiotic for the exact same reason: who gives a flying fuck what you bought? idiots.

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