Monday, September 13, 2010

the mirror of self-deception

as you might've noticed from previous posts, i'm a regular at the gym. in one of the locker rooms, the locker i usually use is right in front of a full-length mirror. the other day i was changing, noticed myself in the mirror and thought "whatever it is you've been doing in the gym, it's working". man i looked great in that mirror. with an ego boost and skip in my step, i headed to the showers. i was passing other mirrors on the way there and stopped. hmmm. this reflection is more like the ones i'm used to. i tried other mirrors and sure enough, i looked the same. it's that one mirror that made me look good.

i went back to it and the grim truth hit me: the mirror is slightly concave. it "slims" one. i dubbed it the mirror of self-deception. it's my new best friend.

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