Saturday, August 26, 2006

jew in the muslim world..

he tries to lay low.

it's ronic that religion, which is meant to help humanity, can cause so much misery for someone who, unfortunately, has been born on the wrong side of the river.

he really has no beef with muslims. in fact, he hates what zionists are doing in the name of judaism, but that's the problem with religion, it's a very broad cloak that covers all people under it. he knows how muslims feel about jews (who can blame them?), and all but everyone around him absolutely hate and mistrust jews. hell, most even can't differentiate between a jew, israeli and a zionist (athiest israelis, what do you mean?).

so he was born on the east bank of the river. his mother tongue is arabic (although he secretly knows hebrew). he's not a very good jew (in fact, although he believes in God, he doesn't care much for religion). but he has to lay low. very few people know he's jewish, fewer even accept him for it. but he tries to blend in, tries to hide, tries to cover his origin as much as he can.

he's a jew in the muslim world.

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Anonymous said...

is it YOU whom you're talking about?