Thursday, November 16, 2006

arabs in america

what happens to arabs when they hit the land of the free and home of the brave? i have been through the weirdest experience: in the airplane next to me sat a family who has obviously lived a while in the states. the kids speak perfect american and the mother hold this snobby know-it-all better-than-everyone-else attitude that only sorry arabs that have lived in the states can muster:

"you know, this crap they serve for food is so much worse than the gourmet meals they served in the states". superficial bitch. and the blankets were horrible, the service appalling, the ride too shaky, and her feet killed her.

anyway, that's not the weird part. the weird part was that all of the sudden she turns to her kids (3 girls, aged from 6 to 16, i'd guess, and a 10 year-old boy) and asks them all to start reading Quran. they all whip out their ajza2 and start reading Quran, and discussing it! and neither the kids nor their mother were veiled, they weren't even dressed conservatively. it was just too contradicted.

what is this? post your comments. weird.


Anonymous said...

uninformed or confused identity? confused age?
purity whose corpus didn't fit with your conception "not dressed conservatively"?
its more representative than weird.
sometimes these people just make you wonder if your conception isn't the distorted 1

Sam Am said...

interesting. of course perception is all relative, but if we stop thinking about things for the sake of "it's only a matter of perception, to them i must seem weird as well" we'll end up in a formless soup of isolation. i personally stick to my beliefs, conceptions and notice when those around me don't. are they distorted (my conceptions, that is)? to me they aren't (that's why i embrace them), and i accordingly have a standard against which i can measure right or wrong (and all the shades in between). my comment regarding the family is not about right or wrong, it's about something that i didn't understand or more accurately found not to fit in the way i see things.

i won't contribute the apparent contradiction to age. confused identity is a more probable explanation, and indeed it is representative of the society we live in. i do have one comment: if something is representative it doesn't mean it's not weird. if our society is weird and what i saw truly reflects it then it should be weird as well (again, weird in my eyes).

thanks for you comment.