Wednesday, November 01, 2006

no life?

i hate those people who call the radio. i mean, how little life must they have such that calling the radio is a fun and exciting thing to do?

"hi, i wanna dedicate this song to hana, lana, jeina, leen, marwa, jalal, ali, jamal, mousa, abbas, omar, amer, lina, zeina shatara, zeina omari, jack, mo, sameer, ali ahmad, ali nayem, a big shout out goes to lama, rania, rand, dina and big mo. and for the class of mutran school. woooooowwww, go shilleh! i also send this song out to the orthodox club people jane, issa, awwad, mark, i miss you man!, suha, fun randa, slow randa, dima, dana, oh shireen, where you at girl? call me! and the rest of the crew. you rock guys! of course the gym girls are in this as well, jana, nai, lecusha, i know you're in the states but i miss you!, layla, sameera, marwa h, sandra and cindy, i miss you all! woooooowwww, this is dima, i miss you all! also all the listeners and dj's! wooow! go! go go!"

it's almost as bad as those who write blogs informing us of the exciting events in their lives:

"i went to the store today. was torn between buying spearmint and peppermint gum, then decided to go crazy and get both. when i got home, i watched the tv for two hours. it was a m.a.s.h. marathon."

can you feel the rush? i can hear my heart beating in my ears.

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BeeBee said...

You are truly something!!! :)