Thursday, February 08, 2007

going gray

my father's hair went gray in his early thirties. now you need to understand that hair on my dad's side of the family is used to roughly describe the coarse substance growing on their heads. the up part is that they go gray, not bald, so it's a mixed blessing. on mom's side it's soft, smooth hair. they have the tendency to go bald (at least my uncles and grandpa).

i inherited the bad hair. when i used to cut my hair mom used to gather it to use it to scrub out stubborn spots around the house. my girlfriends had to wear leather gloves to "stroke" my hair. but, deep down inside, i was consoled by the fact that at least i won't go bald. the few gray hairs i have near my temples tended to confirm that. but to "handle" my hair i shave it off every couple weeks.

recently i let it grow longer and all my bets were lost. it turned out my hair is thinning. i really wanted to have gray hair rather than no hair.


Anonymous said...

i don't think going bold is gonnA be a gtreat deal!u shave it any way.on the contrary it will be better, ur scalp will be shiny, smooth and easy for insects to slide on :). god bless us HE IS AFRAID TO GO BOLD. GDA

Anonymous said...

GDA he's not afraid of going bold, it's baldness that worries him. beace out.

Anonymous said...

sorry i ment go bald not bold. GDA