Wednesday, February 14, 2007

lovers' hell

i hate valentine's

i hate the red. i hate the hearts. i hate the over-priced roses and the cheezy chocolate boxes. i hate that chics expect some sort of recognition of this totally artificial commercial scam of an occasion. it's not enough that their schizophrenic personalities keep us on our toes 95% of the time, some idiot who wants to sell greeting cards decided to make that time feel like a relaxing holiday. i hate that people congratulate each other and that it's impossible to go out because of all the special offers restaurants have. i just absolutely hate it.

habby valentine's day, boys and girls.


specsan said...

why do I sense some grudge and hard feelings?

and life goes on... said...

loool after all what you wrote.. then you say happy valentine's!!!
well I agree, I hate it too... it shouldn't be this way! it's funny how people over react, it is silly indeed!