Monday, July 23, 2007

life of a nerd

this past week i would categorize as "unleash the nerd within" week.

i installed linux and spent the week trying to make it play nice with windows. some success. some failure. try these websites out: (linux distro for the beginners, like myself) (another linux distro, nice and bluish, also for beginners)

of course, beginner here is a relative term. if you're one of those people who still right-click to copy/paste and have the need to minimize everything before opening a new window, linux is not for you. in fact, install linux without knowing what you're doing and you can kill your computer. please do. oh, and when you do, go to for help. you'll need it.

i also came across the internet's periodic table (pretty cool, but the name is misleading)

it is a nice place to browse if you're not internet savvy (see, there are sites other than facebook)

if you like to "see" everything, check:

i found it overwhelming and confusing, but it may me your cup of tea.

my favorite nerd-quencher is:

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