Monday, July 16, 2007

word abuse

a number of poor people some years ago were creative enough to invent witty phrases that people use beyond abuse.

fusion: whenever anything from the west is mixed by something from the east, fusion happens. wtf! mixing weird spices together and calling it creative fusion is not creative. gay cooks and lame musicians love this word.

this is not a science, but an art: no idiot, it's a science that you'll do as well as any artist if you practice, unless you're referring to actual art, in which case you're either that dumb or are trying to be cute. people of any craft like to brag with that phrase.

this is not a threat, it's a promise: fucker a threat is a promise, only one of injury or pain. very popular with actors who think they're bad.

compare apples to apples (more commonly combare abble to abble): i think this is the one phrase people abuse more than any other. i'm in the telecom business and for God's sake people stop using this phrase. we get it, you're smart, you've had experience in the world of business, just please, please stop using this phrase. anyone with half a brain uses this phrase.

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