Wednesday, June 27, 2007


so returning to dubai from amman, i was lucky enough to be the first people into the gate are after they opened it for boarding. i quickly scanned the area and strategically sat next to the door leading to the plane, to avoid the lines leading forming there. i sat down, place my jacket next to me and got my book out.

a few minutes later the guy announced the flight was boarding. i closed my book, put it back in the bag, collected my jacket and got up. the queue had already formed. what the fuck. it was like the people were all wired to go, a moment after the announcement was, well, announced, you could hear a moment of silence, when people made sure it was their flight that was being announced, and practically dashed to the door. i am still amazed.

i am also entertained by the way people traveling walk. they have this determination on their faces, this purpose to their walking. they all have serious (or tired) expressions yet they all walk in a quick, hurried way, rather reminiscent of early black and white movies. you see serious events taking place (the first flight, opening of an important building, etc), but the people move quickly and the whole time you're thinking "look, they look just like charlie chaplin"

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