Friday, September 21, 2007

do ya speaka inglesh?

there are few sights in the world as entertaining as two non-native english speakers trying to communicate in english. between the long "uuuuuuh"s and the "mmmmm"s, followed by ill-conceived hand gestures (try describing an ampitheatre using your hands) and the verbal descriptions of words like therapy ("you know, healing") and museum ("you can go and see old things"), it's like two 2 year olds trying to debate contemporary physics theories.

so what kind of situation is more entertaining?

when the two are in love. this couple i know, i'm not sure, but i think they're in love because they don't understand each other. i know them both quite well and i'm telling you they don't mix. of course she wears the pants and he whines like a kid, but hey, maybe that's why they're in love.

and i must congratulate myself, this is my first conscious without a point entry. congratulations.

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