Tuesday, October 16, 2007

don't shake your head

caution: racist entry

ever seen an indian pressing the buttons on an elevator? for some reason they always press both the up and down buttons. when they get in, right after they press on their desired floor button, they frantically start pressing the "close" button. and when the elevator almost reaches the desired floor (with almost i mean still in motion but slowing down) they start fratically pressing the "open" button. the question that presents itself: did they never notice that no matter when (or how often) they press a button, the outcome is the same?

they also tend not to step a single inch outside what their work is. examples (to name a few): i went to have iftar with a friend the other day, we ordered a soup and two main courses. they delivered two bowls of soup, to which i reacted "we only ordered one" the guy was "sir this is complementary". nice service, until after we finished the soup they served me my soup. again. i mean, wtf? the other night i was at a bar, and i ordered a virgin mojito "sorry sir, we don't serve that" but i was "why?" he was "only normal mojito" so i was "ok, just prepare a normal mojito and throw the rum out" he was "sorry sir, you need to speak to the manager". again i say, wtf?

how oh how did they get an atomic program together? i mean, you know how they do a cross between the head shake/nod when asked a question. "did you deliver this?" nod/shake "is that a yes or a no?" nod/shake. "ganesh, is that safety device on the thermonuclear warhead secured?" nod/shake


Sandra (specsan) said...

How can you talk about indians in that way?
If anything they are helping run the very city u live in by doing much of the dirty work you wouldn't.
And anyways, there's Indians and there's Indians, just as any other people. I found that offending since I have a friend that is an Indian-patent of an intellect.

Sam Am said...

same way i talk about jordanians not being able to get a street straight, about egyptian movies, about american democracy and justice and about humans in general

Anonymous said...

it's not a racist entry it's an entry of someone thinks he is superior and every body else is nothing but nothing.
sam....... u need to go see a shrik

Sandra (specsan) said...

woa, harsh. but ummmm, .....