Monday, October 08, 2007

pretty people rule the world

despite that your mom and dad told you, being pretty makes life easy. and i don't mean in the way a hot girl would get the empty seat on the bus or would smile her way out of a ticket, but in the way the hotter girl will get the better job. i don't think employers do it consciously (choose the prettier candidates) or are even aware that the looks affected their perception of the person, but they do. but it's not a bad thing, because pretty people tend to get the deal. ever seen a tall, well-built guy give a mediocre presentation? imagine a short, chubby, ugly or smelly guy giving it. see the difference? maybe not, but it's there. a handsome face tends to be more convincing, pretty eyes make mistakes more easily forgiven, bullshit makes a little more sense coming out of a full pair of lips.

pretty people get the promotion, they are presented to customers, they do it.

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