Sunday, May 17, 2009


i was in thailand recently. in my head it's a south-east asian country, but in its reality it has the typical western influences. you have the modern high-rise buildings, the malls, starbucks and mcd's (duh), and everything you can expect in a modern country. i guess we should call them modern influences, rather than western, if eastern countries have them just as much. the thai do retain their culture (they're the kindest, most accommodating people you'll ever meet), but have borrowed some elements from the west.

my favorite borrowed element, which happens to be more or less their current national dress, is the short shorts.

thailand's national dress

i don't know if it's the law or the weather or the fact that thai girls are endowed with some of the best legs on earth, but it seems every other girls had them on. i mean i think normal girls must get depressed when they get to thailand. seriously i haven't seen a back-view of a girl that wasn't pleasant, and most were spectacular. so god bless the media, culture and hollywood for its establishment of short shorts as a fashion trend.

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