Monday, March 05, 2007

caution! danger!

driving along the dubai - abu dhabi highway (a long and boring drive) i noticed a red side in the distance. actually there was a number of them, on both sides of the road. as i got closer i realized that they're warning signs, cautioning me against the high voltage lines running above the street. you should see them, they're quite impressive: written in block capitals, white letters on a red background, with many exclamation marks. 400 kv (400000 volts, scary).

i'm really glad they put these signs up, because they discouraged me from trying to scale the power towers and dangle from the high voltage cables. or, like many people, i like to sling exceptionally good-conducting wires at the cables, since it's really cool to see the
sparks that fly from that. but you know where their value is highest? they remind us of the dangerous radiation present in the area, so as to use the radioactivity protection conical hats (the ultra-cool ones with a tin-foil layer).

thank God for warning signs.

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