Sunday, March 25, 2007

jumeira jane

lazily wakes up, yawns, stretches, wonders what she'll do with her
morning. she gets out of bed, looks at her reflection in the bathroom
mirror, and decides it's time for another lift.

showered, training clothes on, it's time for the morning jog. she
calls marina mandy and sets up brunch.

she steps into mall of the emirates, different training clothes on,
meets up with mandy, and they head to columbus for brunch. skimmed
milk latte, low carb salad, green tea. a little shopping.

hubby will be home soon. she tries on all she bought, decides to
return half of the stuff, tidies herself up, calls the doc to setup an
appointment, bosses the help to prepare dinner.

had dinner, time to hit the scene. meets with the rest of the girls
for drinks and gossip. hubby too tired to join, but it's ok. kisses.

go home, sleep, prepare for tomorrow. yoga? sushi? yawn. doesn't matter.

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