Friday, March 20, 2009

medium rare

i don't get vegetarians. i mean, to consciously stop consuming meat (with meat i mean beef, lamb and chicken) is a little beyond my imagination. however, i won't judge. live and let live, i always say.

but those fucking assholes who have "veggie burgers" or "veggie bacon" or whatever fuck meat wannabe veggie shit they wanna consume should die slowly. there's fake bacon! fake bacon for god's sake! bacon is yummy because it's fatty and crispy and clots your arteries. typical of weaklings: don't quit the stuff you like to eat for whatever reason (ethical, religious, etc), but instead, find a marginally less controversial version an enjoy that instead.

you think eating meat is wrong. fine. don't pretend you're eating meat, STOP eating meat. get your protein from beans and cheese. have eggs (unless you don't feel right about eating unhatched chicken fetuses). but don't fry facon and enjoy it in a blt, it's defeating the purpose - you don't eat meat, fucking stick to it.

for me it's simple: i love animals, but mainly dead, on a plate and grilled medium rare.

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