Monday, January 18, 2010

a solar eclipse in the 21st century

one would think that a phenomenon like that is thoroughly understood, and it really is just simple geometry (the moon happens to pass between earth and the sun). but by all that i hold dear idiocy knows no bounds! some dimwit in the gym was watching tv broadcasting seriously tragic pictures of the suffering in haiti. 200,000 dead. so what does he say? it's days between it and the solar eclipse.




fucking thousands of years of technology gone down the drain. this is just so infuriating! then he starts to quote how the muslim prophet was afraid when he saw the eclipse so he started praying a 5 hour continuous prayer (apparently he was having coffee with him that afternoon or something), so yeah, since the moon passed between us and the sun disaster will strike. no seriously what the fuck! what the fucking fuck! ok i give up.

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