Sunday, January 24, 2010

tv censorship - not seeing the forest for the trees

the show: criminal minds

the episode: a copy-cat serial killer mutilates his victims a-la jack the ripper

the conclusion: twister! female rape victim gone apeshit on men

the scenes that were shown: shots of bodies drowning in blood, some with their throats slashed, others with their kidneys stolen, some with their guts spilled. general discussion about the history of violence, and related cases country-wide.

the scenes that were cut: a couple who were kissing in an alley when they stumbled upon the latest corpse.

that was where i thought what the fuck. i struggled to understand the fucked up criteria to cut scenes. i mean is it generally more offending to see a couple kissing than a story revolving around 10 murdered people? does the reasoning go like "son, all that violence and blood is make-believe, but... WAIT! A MAN AND A WOMAN KISSING! COVER YOUR EYES! COVER YOUR EARS! YOU MUST'VE BEEN IRREVOCABLY SCARRED! oh ok now it's gone. so yeah, that is probably what intestines look like outside the body. let's just watch lethal weapon 4, die hard 3 and true lies over the weekend" these censorship fucktards need to get off their horses and open their minds. idiots.

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