Thursday, April 15, 2010

basic grammar 102


i am tired of people disregarding grammar and spelling. the internet, the great enabler, breaker of walls and builder of bridges, greatly enabled idiots to post their ideas. i will reiterate a few pointers here for all those people who yet have to finish 5th grade.

there: the far form of here. it's spelled exactly like here, but with a t at the front. nifty.
they're: sounds like there, but is actually two words (the apostrophe is giveaway). it's short for they are.
their: denotes ownership, like mine, but for them - their.
example: throw them there; their minds are gone: they're idiots.

you're: like "they're" above, it's actually two words. it's short for you are.
your: like their, and mine, it denotes ownership, but for you.
ur: not english
example: keep your head in your ass; you're an idiot

definitely: for sure
defiantly: how king leonidas was in 300, from defiant
example: he definitely fought defiantly, though a little stupidly

below: beneath; under; in a lower level
bellow: scream in rage - also what kind leonidas was doing in 300 when he killed that emissary (this is SPARTAAAA)
no example here - i believe it's clear enough

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