Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bad, bad movies

i don't get it. those people who try to incorporate science into movies. some do it well. some explain it well. but others just seriously fuck it up. i mean fuck it up so bad that it ruins the movie. and i'm not talking about the specific weight or uranium messed by a few tenths of a percent, i'm talking about something like iron man, where the rich genius "invents" a new element in his basement. wtf. he levels his home-built accelerator with a fucking metal emblem.
oh and how fuck do people using computers in csi and criminal minds not use mice. they furiously type on their keyboards, yet their screens magically show pictures popping up, recordings being analyzed. so much bullshit.
writers and producers, before bringing science into a movie, consult a 5th grade science book. thank you.

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