Tuesday, August 31, 2010

an idea incubated

two drunkards:

"you know what's fucking awesome?"
"big-ass ferris wheels"
"ferris wheels?"
"big ass ones"
"dude ferris wheels are boring"
"not big-ass ones"
"yes, big ass ones"
"hmmm.. how about a big ass one that's hovering over water?"
"umm.. over water.. hovering? hanging!"
"yes hanging! fucking hanging over water, with the shit holding it up all tilted"
"fuck yeah! and instead of beams, we'll hang the whole thing on fucking cables!"
"yes, yes, and we'll make it spin!"
"but how do we build it?"
"easy.. we build it over the water, then we hoist it into the vertical"
"fuck yeah"
"fuck YEAH"

how the london eye was envisioned. true story.

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