Wednesday, August 18, 2010

waiters - stay away from me. further. further more. i can still see you...

ok seriously, wtf is up with waiters who keep hovering after they drop off the menus? does anyone else feel the pressure to order asap? i mean you try to focus on the food, but they're always there in your peripheral vision, standing calmly, judging you. and as soon as you glance up, they're next to you in an instant, smiling and their hands shakily holding the pen and pad, so eager are they to take your order. you then start mumbling your order, carefully trying to read the exotic names they have for their food. but of course you mess it up, and the waiter corrects you by brightly - and loudly - repeating the name correctly. you're still nervous at this stage, but a little relieved that that part is over and he's moved on to the next person. the trauma goes on, until everyone finishes and you breathe a sigh of relief, thinking it's over, until he hits you with "anything to drink" and you're fucking hell i totally forgot to look at the drinks menu.

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