Sunday, January 07, 2007

city mall

ah, back to amman. i love that city, despite its recurring patterns of self-inflicted injuries. the story a friend of mine sent me only confirms my suspicion: there's something wrong about us (ammanites).

the story is of that of city mall, a new mall in amman. those ammanites reading will feel a familiarity that only comes from living there. btw specsan was added as an author here but after she thought it was men's non corpus i had to remove her. sorry specsan, it's nothing personal.

so here goes (abridged, cuz it's a little long):

"a new mall opened in amman, city mall, well actually one part of it, carrefour hypermarket. yes and people have been hyper about it and are pilgrimaging to it. you know, i have been ashamed when i visited it as far as the mall in the whole is concerned. ... and inside, my horror was only magnified. we do usually have better interiors than exteriors. ... a sad sight was when i passed a not-yet-open shop beside carrefour and it had heaps of dust above its extruded logo.
judging the prices of stuff i buy from their other store, i know they can afford a cleaning person. ... [my personal favorite] places like mecca mall and city mall are the black holes of amman. they just suck the main players in city life: human beings who find little forms of urban public life. sometimes, they can't be blamed. after all i hit these places. "

there's more, but these here just go to show you that it's the same crap, over and over.

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