Monday, January 22, 2007


karaoke means empty orchestra.

we were the first people to arrive at c-bar, so we had our choice of songs, but those who came in after us were really unfortunate. when my turn came to sing, the place wasn't crowded enough to drown my voice, so during my song i could see people running out of the place with their hands covering their ears with what looked a lot like horror covering their faces. i couldn't tell for sure cuz i couldn't hear through my singing, but i think they were screaming in anguish. when the first one ran out i turned around to check if there was a fire or something behind me, but apparently it was only me they were fleeing.

i didn't mind, i had a blast. in fact i decided to bestow my voice upon these people every week.

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wajdyf said...

Nooooo don't do that to people ! Having experienced "the" singing voice, I have to help people so they won't pass through the same awful experience .

My experience was much worse than a single "singing" voice. I had to listen TO DANIA AND SAMI SING A DUETO ! And compared to Dania, Sami is James Hetfield !