Sunday, January 07, 2007


you know there are many fast fixes for bad mood: indulge in a bucket of ice cream (or other comfort food), shopping sprees, female company, etc, but i discovered one that will instantly make any normal person feel better: buying a sword.

i bought a sword a few days back. i real, old, antique sword (not sure what kind of history it has, but damn it looks cool). i grinned like a fool that whole evening i got it. and when i see it i smile and pull it out like i'm about to decapitate someone and nearly ruin a sofa and tear down the drapes.

an excellent experience i'd recommend to everyone. if you have ideas of what to name the bastard i'm open to suggestions.


Ashiq said...

That's awesome man. It's your sword so you name it (don't give it a girly name though.) I like knives. The Nepali Army knife the "Kukri" ( I hope I spelled that right)rocks. The design is pretty old but it was used by the armies of Alexander the great. Personally I feel right at home with a scalpel :)

specsan-from-exile said...

Do you think that the designer would have remained alive if he/she had seen the piece photographed against those ugly ceramic tiles?
Tip: Doing it justice would be like putting it elsewhere or, er, using it against annoying ppl.

wajdyf said...
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wajdyf said...

You live in Dubai, and you bought a sword , hmmmm ....

next step DISHDASHEH

(and yes this is a racist remark against "7'laijeh", and yes they should be considered an individual race)