Sunday, January 07, 2007


i got an email from nolenvfemino yesterday, and i read it. following is the content:

subject: Re: my radioactivit


Well that macho fat thug Svinjar for one. King of the Machmen. Then
Ten seconds, no more, I admonished. Survival was a harsh
I turned and looked at Iron Johns giant throne.
Oh-so we have remembered it at last. Dont you want to know what it
just as completely as you are.
I already know, I said.
could stumble over they had lifted him and were following the guard,
reached down and opened a valve and I could hear the gurgle of liquid
Horse-but no rider, I said.
and an arm in a sling. The aged artifact lay on the table before them

i couldn't stop laughing after reading it. i know it's spam and i know it's a smokescreen, but damn i've never read anything funnier. "survival was a harsh". it's a nice, yeah?

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