Sunday, December 24, 2006

abdoun bridge

it was only a matter of time before i got in an entry about this. it just goes to show you that money doesn't fix nations.

note: this story is inspired by a friend, since i personally have not seen the bridge functioning yet.

now abdoun bridge is a truly impressive construction. it spans two hills in amman and is supported on large y-shaped blocks of concrete and has tension designs as well. brilliant looking, if you ask me. the bridge was constructed as part of amman's plans to create a ring road, and it really did solve traffic issues. of course, the designers didn't know the extent of our dear jordanian brothers' creativity.

as people driving from abdoun to the fourth circle will attest to, when the bridge first opened traffic flow was smooth. you can get from abdoun to all the circles in a matter of jam-free minutes. impressive. however, a couple weeks after the opening, you would notice a weird traffic jam there. of course, people were surprised. but as you drive by the cause of the jam (and you would naturally think it's a traffic accident), you will see buses, pickup trucks and old bmw's parked on the right side. a few meters further and you will see people having picnics on the bridge. they literally jump over the protective fence and simply sit there. those idiots think the bridge is there for the view.

burn 'em, i say, the whole lot. i've never seen anything more backward.


Anonymous said...

i don't know why u always talk like that? jordanians r not americans dear, it is a new thing for more than 80% of the people who never seen such a thing.they r so impressed by it, as in any nations like ours would be. do u think if they build another bridge the reaction would be the same? surely not, it is not new any more.

Sam Am said...

of course this is the first time they see a bridge like that, but surely they know that it's meant for cars, not for picnics.

blocking a lane just to picnic is extremely selfish and inconsiderate and dangling over the edge is dangerous. that is common sense.

doing the aforementioned actions is NOT a sign of national pride but a disgraceful sign of backwardness.

Anonymous said...

u didn't get my point.what i said doesn't mean agreeing with what they did. it just tells u don't expect a civilized reaction toward every thing new. and u gotta have an rational explanations to their behavours, giving the fact that u lived here( i'm supposing that u did live in jordan and have a clue to what is going on).DGA