Saturday, December 16, 2006

i would like to post an idea here but i hope all you readers out there won't steal it and make it your own, i actually have the crazy notion of making money off of it.

i, as any typical arab guy will attest to, have a huge problem of meeting girls randomly (in restaurants, bars, clubs, etc). see in our region the percentage of assholes is higher than most, so when it comes to meeting girls the advances are usually shunned. i understand this attitude, since even the nicest of people on the outside many a time turn out to be assholes. trust me, i know. the problem, however, is that these assholes ruin it for the rest of us. so it's been in my head for a while that there can a solution for this: a rate my date (, please don't steal it) website.

this website will allow you to post your personal info (name, dob, job, money, etc), alone with a short profile (interests, hobbies, pastimes, etc). after that, your page will be open to rating by the people you know (friends, enemies, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, or both, if you're so inclined). i think the ratings from ex's should be interesting (things like duration of relationship, reason for breakup, asshole meter, voodoo doll option (costs extra) and the sort) since it really highlights the person in the relationship area. i know, i know, ex's are usually disgruntled, angry people, but that doesn't mean they can't be objective. Besides, an ex must have his/her own page where YOU can rate him/her before they can rate you, so they should be honest. can i hear you say catch 22? i really like this idea. if you do, drop me a comment and i'll share some of the revenue with you.

oh, one last, totally unrelated comment: do NOT have falafel, shawerma, lots of pickles, nuts, seeds then fiteer mishaltit with cream and honey for dinner, it will make you sick the next morning.


BeeBee said...

Hehehe... Always appreciated your mental being and ur way of demonstrating your ideas... I think it is a great idea... Let me know when it's done...

LeeNoo said...

i like the idea, but i don't think it'll solve the problem, since assholes can make thier asshole friends give them a good rate... lol