Friday, December 01, 2006

ultimate irony

you know i am the biggest supporters of tourism in our dear country. i think that it's one of the few sources of foreign currency in jordan (which allows us to buy all the bmw's and mercedes we like to drive).

however, sometimes the efforts are just misguided. take, for example, the picture to the right. this welcomes passengers coming to jordan who come seeking medical treatment. they call it medical treatment tourism. tourism? it's like rubbing it in their faces: not only can your country not provide adequate medical services, we call what you're doing tourism because you spend money in jordan. we welcome you in jordan.

dear department of treatment tourism: stop calling it tourism: it's sick people coming for treatment. call it visits. call it consultation, cooperation, help, anything that isn't condescending.

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BeeBee said...

I'm actually glad that I got up early today! Got a chance to check out your blog for the first time... I really like it... I enjoyed the bled of irony, humor and seriousness... Missed your writings and our arguments!