Thursday, December 28, 2006

how is things?

ok the people who are meant to read this probably won't, but seriously, after living in the states, working with english every single day and reading hundred of reports and documents, does not one learn subject-verb agreement? i understand blunders mid-sentences or where scenarios are complex, but when the first thing out of a mouth is "how is things?" you need to wonder. it's like the friggin standard greeting in avaya. how is things?

of course there are other really annoying things. for example, articles (those are "a", "an" and "the"). unlike arabic, english requires articles before non-proper nouns. so, you say "i saw a car" not "i saw car" or "did you get newspaper?". there's also the 's which is always left behind when referring objects to others (like "jack's pc" not "jack pc"; jack is not an adjective). of course there is the fact that english sentences need verbs, but when they think in terms of mubtada2 wa khabar, it's bye bye verb. "you know the weather crazy outside?" (yes, i believe i've met her). or, my personal favorite, which mixes and combines mistakes, "nihal office empty" (translation: nihal's office is empty).

so how is things? good?

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