Tuesday, September 12, 2006

sharm 2: communication problems

the thing about sharm is that it attracts really hot russian girls.


i mean they walk around with skimpy outfits, exposing their attractive regions. and being white originally then tanning gives the skin a look that's much sexier than being originally tan.
and natural blond hair complements the look quite well, especially with the blue eyes. i used to wonder how all the russian tennis players are so hot (i saw one wearing earrings to a game, and not small studs, but dangly ones worthy of an evening party, and add to that the sparkly top she was wearing and she was fully hot), until i realized that the fact that she's russian makes her hot by default. the tennis outfit makes them that much sexier.

now hot girls in sharm did not come without problems. first, they grow old pretty quick (old as in boring). i mean the first night there i was bewildered then the next day it was like "yeah, same old same old". second, most were with guys, and although that doesn't make them any less attractive, it does make them harder to approach (especially when the guy looks like a bouncer).

the last and final problem is this: i was at this rnb party and there were this pair of pretty girls. but one was extra pretty. i mean, long dark smooth hair, blue eyes, very nice body. hard to resist (her name is natania btw). so in that evening's spirit, i came up to her, and the conversation went something like this:

sami: "hi"

natania: "hi"

sami: "would you like to dance?"

natania: "yes"

let me tell you, i was excited about the prospect of dancing with her. but she kept on enjoying her drink like we were discussing the weather. then it hit me: she had no idea what i was saying. she said that she didn't speak english well. no shit. i tried some discussion, about if she was having fun or enjoying her time:

sami: "you enjoying your time here in sharm?"

natania: "i do not know what it means that word sharm"

slump. see? third (and most severe) problem: doesn't matter how hot she was, i might as well have been a chair or table. i wished her a pleasant evening (which was really redundant, i could've told her she looked like a monkey and smiled and she would've smiled back) and decided to leave the party.

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