Friday, September 15, 2006

sharm 3: stupid people

although chronologically this should be the last entry, i'm saving the more recent entries for when i have more time to write.

i came face to face with two idiots as i was boarding the plane on the way home. the first idiot uttered his jewels of words after we were on the bus that will take us to the plane. the airport in sharm is rather small, and thus planes don't dock directly into gates, but use buses. anyway, after the bus we were in was full, it started moving and closing its doors, when two of a trio of what i can only assume are idiots started running towards it, like it was a public transportation bus. two barely made it in, and they looked back to see their comrade left behind (he didn't run quickly enough), and in an absolute display of idiocy (jewels of wisdom to follow, hear them well, i beg ya) they started asking the driver to wait. wtf is wrong with these people? you don't need to run to catch a bus heading to a plane, and no one will be left behind. the bus moves when it's full, and, wonders will never cease it seems, another bus takes the rest. in fact, there will be enough buses to take everyone to the plane. miraculous, i know, but such are the wonders of modern science.

the second genius was actually on the bus before our friends above. he came onto the bus while it was still half full, and when he came in he was like "is this the bus to amman?". no, einstein, this is the bus heading downtown. for God's sake, you can't get on a bus not heading to amman, even if you were stupid enough to wander. airport workers usually worry about things like safety, security and logistics, and they make every effort to help idiots like you to get where they need to and never get somewhere they're not supposed to. so yes, the bus is indeed heading to amman.

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