Tuesday, September 05, 2006

rawdit al abtal?

that's what it's called, i swear!

i was driving one day, on my way to a restaurant when i saw the idiotic sign that advertised that they still had "openings" for new students for the year 06/07. School started 2 weeks ago and they're still advertising.

maybe the kindergarten's name has something to do with it? rawdit al abtal, which translates literally to "kindergarten of heroes". what the hell do they teach kids there? are they trained as fire-fighters? policemen? and did you ever notice something? a policeman may work through retirement without ever being called a hero (although he may be called an asshole, popo, cop, etc), but have a policeman get shot trying to save someone, then you have a hero. so are we teaching kids the value of sacrifice to become heroes?

"mom, start a fire in the kitchen and let me save you, i want to become a hero!"

i really don't understand how they choose these names.

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