Sunday, September 24, 2006

sharm 5: julia bella

this will be the last sharm-related post. as i've said, i've left the best for last.

for all of you italians out there, the title of this post means the beautiful julia. i have a tendency to over-beautify girls i like, but this particular one was really pretty.

we saw her on the snorkeling trip we took (which should be called the boat trip; our snorkels didn't work). i thought she was an american (she was dressed like one), but she had green eyes and was pretty. very pretty. beautiful even. i tried to talk to her along the trip but succeeded only in the last hour of the trip. it was worth looking at her face (especially the eyes), even though it was for a few minutes.

she is half-italian half-swiss, so she speaks english, french and italian (versus the damn russians), she has beautiful green eyes, a lovely smile, long dark hair (which isn't quite black) and well-tanned skin. her body isn't the hottest in the world, but she is attractive. of course, the european accent really helped, and her laugh was nice (and she had a good sense of humor). she was studying hospitality and hotel management and was doing her training in sharm. and in case you're thick, her name is julia.

anyway, i enjoyed my time with her. it's too bad it was our last day, i would've been able to stalk her or something afterwards. there were other guys on the boat, and they tried to talk to her, but not one established a one-on-one rapport with her like i did. wajdy says it's because i can speak english. i say it was my tanned skin, attractive physique and dashing good looks. the truth is probably that i was charming and made her laugh.

last time i was in sharm i was left with many memories. this trip was no different.

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