Monday, September 25, 2006

hand and whistle

note: please refer to the next post, julia bella, because i only left it on top for a day and i think it deserves more attention.

they stand there furiously blowing their whistles, in the middle of the street, waving their hands wildly, urging every able driver to hit the gas pedal and burn some rubber. and they keep on blowing. and they keep on waving. they sound like roman jail wardens forcing their slaves into the colosseum.

the reality is, they're policemen and women.

and i'm not exaggerating: they literally stand in the middle of the street (and sometimes at corners or circles or wherever), and blow their whistles and urge people to drive faster. you would think perhaps there's a royal convoy coming and people ahead of it are idling along, or an ambulance is trying to pass and it needs the cars to move faster. but they perform this mundane task when the streets are crowded or almost packed solid and everyone is trying to go as fast as they can anyway. i'm guessing in an effort to alleviate the jam? imagine jami3a street (or rather its extension) during the morning rush hour (around 9sh). i swear i saw one standing near the royal cultural center doing just that: blowing and waving. what the hell are the drivers supposed to respond with? activate their secret jets and fly over other cars? or perhaps call on their magical abilities and transport themselves somewhere else?

dear blowers: the street is packed, drivers will drive as fast as they can, take a break from your "veiled unemployment" and go fight some crime. find some robbers maybe?

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